The Simple Way to Restore HVAC Air Handlers and Cooling Towers

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Prep. Mix. Apply. Done.

For over a decade, the pioneered engineering behind SST Coatings has served the commercial, healthcare, higher education, and government markets as a proven restoration solution for HVAC air handlers and cooling towers. With a range of high performance polymer resins, SST Coatings effectively addresses common problems such as corrosion, leaks, cracks, holes and standing water.


  • Durable coatings that prolong the life of HVAC air handlers and cooling towers
  • Seals aging steel and concrete surfaces to stop water leaks and restore structure
  • Optimized cure time and viscosity for quick and easy installation
  • “Facility friendly” materials are VOC-free with low odors and minimal downtime
  • Successfully used in thousands of installations

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Effective restoration is the budget-friendly, best alternative to replacement.

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